Alterosa Group’s activities in the rural area are carried out by the companies Sorel - Sociedade Reflorestadora S/A and Florestas Ipiranga S/A. Planting and exploitation of renewable forests date back to 1969, with the objective of supplying the Group’s industrial plant with its main raw material, namely charcoal.

Nowadays, the Group owns approximately 45,000 hectares of land, out of which in excess of 16,000 hectares are protection areas, in a contribution to maintain biodiversity.

The eucalyptus plantations are made of clones of the species Eucalyptus Urograndis, whose high productivity has substantially reduced the planted area requirements to make Alterosa self-sufficient in charcoal supply. In addition, excess charcoal is sold to other consuming companies.

Plantations are spread over 14 different municipalities in the state of Minas Gerais, all of them located in the macro-basin of São Francisco river and its tributaries. 90% of the plantations are within 200 km from the industrial plant.

Alterosa Group invests also in large irrigated crops using a center pivot system. Such diversified activities diminish the market risks and enables better utilization of the available resources.

Nowadays priority is given to grain crops, like corn, soybean and beans.

Alterosa Group optimizes the use of its farm lands through cattle breeding in the reforested areas and confined breeding.

All these activities are carried out with respect for the environment and the society, and they generate income and jobs locally, which helps to keep people in the countryside. Other positive impacts include tax generation, employee capacity building and support to local communities by encouraging cultural and community activities.


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